Freddy Charles is a world-renowned drummer, and the foremost expert in traditional grip technique for drums.  He is a highly accomplished musician operating as a one-man act with an impressive portfolio of twelve albums to his credit. Currently based in Los Angeles, he is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist known for his Blues/Rock sound, infused with subtle influences of Jazz and EDM. Freddy takes on the entire process of recording his music, acting as his own engineer and producer, which affords him complete artistic autonomy over his musical vision.

Freddy’s musical journey began as a drummer, and his mastery of traditional grip has become a hallmark of his success. This solid rhythmic foundation allowed him to build his skills in guitar playing, songwriting, and music production. Renowned worldwide for his drumming expertise, Freddy’s unique style and artistry have cultivated a dedicated fanbase since the early days of his career. His music gained national prominence when several of his songs were picked up by Sirius XM and broadcast nationwide, alongside featuring in various independent films.

Recently, Freddy introduced his latest album, “Prewar Blues.” This collection of songs defies genre boundaries and stands as a testament to Freddy’s multifaceted talents, representing the culmination of his extensive career dedicated to crafting entirely original music.