Play Drums With
Confidence and Clarity
Better Hands 

Take a journey through the foundations of drumming and put your drumsticks in blessed synchrony with your music. Better Hands will help you develop your chops, build confidence, and unlock the limitless potential of being a drummer. Better Hands focuses on the very basics from stick grips, to free strokes and rudiments. It is the perfect book for a very beginner, or a player looking to strengthen their foundation on the drums.

Included is an instructional video demonstrating the exercises from the book.

Created by: Freddy Charles

Develop Strong Foundational Technique In Drums Today

Develop Strong Foundational Technique On The Drums Today

The Benefits You Will Get With Better Hands

Becoming a drummer begins with the desire to play music. It's easy to pick up a pair of sticks, but to play in time, accurately and with conviction takes years of practice, thousands of hours in fact. This book helps you cut the learning curve and gives you exactly what you need:

Endurance Exercises

Correct Posture

Proper Grips

Essential Rudiments

Flow Patterns

Setting Realistic Goals

About The Author

An accomplished musician and one man act with eleven albums under his belt, Freddy Charles is a singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist currently based in Los Angeles. With a pop/rock sound influenced by hints of jazz and EDM, he records every note of his record himself and acts as his own engineer and producer, giving him complete artistic control of his musical vision.

Freddy got his start in music as a drummer, giving him a strong rhythmic foundation to build on as he began studying guitar, songwriting, and production. His early records found a small devoted fanbase as he began cultivating his style and coming into his own as an artist. Eventually, he would find a national audience when several of his songs were picked up by Sirius XM and broadcasted across the country, as well as being featured in several independent films. As he continued to make increasingly adventurous records, he became an in demand session drummer and educator.