The no frills books on developing hand technique.

How many times have you watched a drummer on Youtube or Instagram and said to yourself, "I'll never be able to play like that", or "How can I play with that much speed?".  I hear this all the time, and believe me there is no secret sauce.  Consistent practice is the number one main ingredient, but what to practice is what will determine the outcome.  Simply put, I've written these books to give you routines that will undoubtedly build your technique over time.  The exercises are mostly simple patterns, but the focus will be executing these patterns with certain techniques, for a specific amount of time.  I can not guarantee you'll be the next Buddy Rich, but you will certainly have the toolkit to excel to that level if you wish.  Remember, speed itself is not a technique- it is simple the by-product of good technique; and that my friends is what I can help you with.