• Learning to Play Drums With a Practice Pad

    I often get asked why I recommend aspiring drummers start their journey on a practice pad.  Aside from the obvious answer of not wasting money and time on buying a full drum set for someone who has never played, the practice pad is an affordable and perfectly suitable option to start learning how to play the drums.  If you’ve read a bit about my story, it was the practice pad that started my drumming adventure. 
  • How To Play The Drums For Beginners

    I tell everyone the same thing when they ask me how to learn to play the drums.  Start by purchasing a quality practice pad and good sticks.  Now, I know it’s not what they want to hear, but it’s the truth.  Unlike guitar and piano, trumpet or saxophone, before taking the plunge on a full drum set, it is worth testing the waters with the practice pad.  Besides, drumming requires tremendous coordination and starting with the hands and learning how to hold the sticks is where I tell people to begin.