• Learning to Play Drums With a Practice Pad

    I often get asked why I recommend aspiring drummers start their journey on a practice pad.  Aside from the obvious answer of not wasting money and time on buying a full drum set for someone who has never played, the practice pad is an affordable and perfectly suitable option to start learning how to play the drums.  If you’ve read a bit about my story, it was the practice pad that started my drumming adventure. 
  • The Best Drum Practice Pad For Beginners

    I’ve been playing on practice pads for over 35 years, in fact I started on a practice pad- a Billy Gladstone pad that sat on the snare.  I’ve always encouraged drummers to start on drum practice pads as well, simply because they are an efficient and simple way to get your hands proficient. I guess you can say I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to drum practice pads which is why I went ahead and designed my own.